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Switching degree programmes

Switching degree programmes

Are you doubting about your choice of Bachelor's programme or have you already stopped studying? > Switching degree programmes
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The Careers Advisers from the Student Careers Centre will help you to find a study that suits you. You will, among other things, gain insight into your qualities, interests and how to obtain more information about different Bachelor’s programmes.

For whom?

Current students at the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and students who have stopped their studies.

What we offer

Keep in mind: switching programmes and UvA Matching

  • Students who have already studied at the UvA are not obliged to participate in UvA Matching when switching programmes. It is, however, strongly encouraged, because it is a good opportunity to check that you’ve chosen the right Bachelor’s programme for you.
  • Students can enrol in a UvA degree programme until 31 August (unless the programme has lottery-based quota or a selection process).
  • Students who first studied at an institution other than the UvA are, however, obliged to participate in UvA Matching.
  • You can find more information about UvA Matching here.

Choosing a Master’s programme?

Would you like guidance in choosing a Master’s programme? Contact the UvA Student Careers Centre.