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Study centres

Study centres

Various UvA study centres offer computer workstations with printers. Each computer workstation has a fast internet connection. Log in to the computer workstation using your UvA-net ID.

Learn more about the UvAnetID

Opening hours and available computers

Search study centre locations and opening hours

15-minute computers

Most of the study centres have a small number of computers referred to as ‘15-minute PCs’. These workstations are designed for people who only need a computer for a short period. After 15 minutes, the user is automatically logged out. You cannot immediately login again to a 15-minute computer. If you want to continue working after 15 minutes, you will have to login at a normal workstation.

Following termination of enrolment

Once you have terminated your enrolment, you can continue to use the UvA’s digital facilities, including the study centres, for another 90 days.


Forgotten your password? You can ask for a new password at the information desk of any study centre upon presenting your student ID card and personal identification.


Each study centre has an information desk where you can obtain information about using the computer work stations and other IT services at the UvA.

Email the help desk