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Examinations Board

Examinations Board

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Every programme has an Examinations Board (examencommissie, EC).

Submitting Requests and Appeals

Advice on requests

It is highly recommended that students consult their study adviser before submitting a request. Study advisers can offer students valuable advice concerning Examinations Board requests. Contact details of the study advisers can be found via Contact. If necessary, appointments can be made via the Education Desk Social Sciences (tel. 020 525 3777,

Submitting a request to the Examinations Board

The submission of a request runs exlusively via the online request form. Communication with the Examinations Board runs exclusively via email.

To approach the Examinations Board for the following types of requests, students must fill in the online request form (link below):

  • requests for (course) exemption
  • requests for individual adjustments to the curriculum
  • requests for permission to take electives at institutes other than the UvA requests for special arrangements, such as requests for extension of the validity of examination results
  • requests for extension of thesis deadline
  • complaints with regard to (interim) examinations.

Online request form Examinations Board

Additional documents

For the assessment of certain requests, the receipt of additional documents can be required. These documents must be uploaded via the online request form.

Timeline requests

The Examinations Board meets twice per month. Requests received by the Examination Board 48 hours before the meeting will be discussed during the next meeting.  Please note that the Examinations Board has 6 weeks to send the decision to the student.


In principle, no exemptions are granted after acceptance into the Master’s programmes. In special cases and upon the written request of the student, the Examinations Board may exempt the student from completing one or more examination components – with the exception of the required courses and the Master’s thesis - if the student:

  1. has successfully completed a programme component at a university or at an institution of higher professional education that is equivalent in both content and level;
  2. has demonstrated through his/her work and/or professional experience that he/she has sufficient knowledge and skills with regard to the relevant programme component.

Tasks and composition Examinations Board

Every programme has an examinations board, which members are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty. In some cases, several programmes share one examinations board.

By law the EC has the official task of guarding the level and standard of the programme (examination). Also the EC has the right to grant exemptions (and other adaptations of the curriculum) to individual students. The EC is also responsible of the admission into the programme, although an admission committee can be mandated by the EC to handle the admissions on its behalf.

The EC stipulates the rules and guidelines for examinations and is also responsible for the handling cases of fraud and plagiarism. The EC appoints examiners for programme units (if necessary).

Within the GSSS, the EC will also be involved in formulating the Teaching and Examination Regulations, especially where the curriculum and examinations are concerned.

Members of the EC are appointed by the faculty dean for a period of 5 years (can be renewed) on the recommendation of the director of the GSSS.

Examinations Board International Development Studies and Research Masters IDS, Urban Studies and Social Sciences:

  • Dr Mirjam Ros-Tonen (chair, RMIDS)
  • Dr Franca van Hooren  (deputy chair, RMSS)
  • Dr Niels Beerepoot (IDS)
  • Dr Federico Savini (RMUS)
  • External members: Bart de Steenhuijsen Piters (RMIDS/IDS), Paul de Graaf (RMSS), Jack Burgers (RMUS)

Secretarial support: Iris Vuurmans -

Overview Examinations Boards 

For an overview of all Examinations Boards at the University of Amsterdam, see link below. 

UvA Examinations Boards


By email (for information) to:
Paper (transcripts & certificates) to: Registrar GSSS, ATTN Examination Board RMIDS/RMSS/RMUS/IDS, Postbus 15725, 1001 NE Amsterdam