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Email for students

Questions about G Suite error messages

  • I can’t log in to my student email and G Suite, but I have already activated my email address. What should I do?

    Follow the following steps in order to be able to log in to G Suite:

    1. First, try to log in via (using your UvAnetID).

    2. If that doesn’t work, clear the cache (see the UvAwiki for details) and restart your browser.

    3. Try to log in again via

    4. If it still doesn’t work, try logging in with a different browser, or from a different computer.

    5. If you still can’t log in, there may be a problem with your UvAnetID. Go to and log in using your UvAnetID and password. If you can’t log in there either, go to for details on how to resolve the problem.

    6. If after following these steps you still can't log in at, but can at, get in touch with the Service Desk at ICT Services. You will need to provide:

    1. your UvAnetID (different to your student number);

    2. the web address you used to log in to G Suite;

    3. the date and time at which you tried to log in;

    4. the error message you received, ideally with a screenshot.