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This page provides an overview on which parties run for the FNWI Faculty Student Council (FSR) and what their views are.

Red UvA

Red UvA is the only party that has an outspoken activist attitude. This way we distinguish ourselves strongly from other parties. Do you still believe in the say of student councils after all the stories about burn-outs, docile council members and the lack of power? Then you should not vote for Red UvA. Do you believe in solidarity between faculties in the struggle against thinking in terms of efficiency and do you trust people with experience who actually know what they are talking about? Then Red UvA is worth your vote. We will not be a part of the five-day long addressing of whichever student may come through the door, but instead organise and attend actions, digitally offer information about the party and answer questions. Just like we did last year.

Red UvA will not actively take part in the student council.When members of the party attain seats, then we will give the money coming with those seats to action groups at the university and refugee organisations. We do this because we think the money is better spent this way than on the non-say of formal student representation. Moreover, we think that you can currently achieve more with actions than with council activities. We will therefore not cease to exist after the elections. We will keep fighting for a better university.

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LIEF is a student party that only operates at Science Park. Our goal is to make sure that the students of the faculty of science are well represented. LIEF aims to be there for every student. LIEF stands for interdisciplinarity, accessibility and decentralization. This means that we strive for a faculty where as a student you have a say in your curriculum, where decisions are made on faculty level so students and teachers are heard and where everybody can feel welcome.

If you want to know more about our party program and what we stand for, check out our website or email us at

  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Accessibility
  • Decentralization

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SLAAFS was originally founded out of discontent with the student council at the Faculty of Science. We noticed the elections were nothing but a popularity contest and that the political party system prevented people from strongly bringing forth their own opinion.

With SLAAFS people join the council on their own, with their own opinion. You can learn a lot from a year in the council. That's why we ask our candidates to give back their grant to the faculty. As a party, we do this in the form of free beer, which also helps us with the elections' popularity contest, keeping in contact with voters and making a council year more fun.

  • With SLAAFS you can join the list with your own positions, you'll get your own posters and your own flyers, with your opinion!
  • With SLAAFS the person with the most preference votes will be the first one in the council, despite their original position on the list.
  • We see the work we do for the council and the experience as enough reward and give the money back in the form of free beer

You can find us at the borrel on the 3rd of April, or reach us at

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