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This page provides an overview on which parties run for the FEB Faculty Student Council (FSR) and what their views are.


Diversity, sustainability, accessibility and transparency, these values sum up Uvasociaal in one sentence. We were founded in the year 2006 and since then have worked tirelessly to get the voice of the average student heard in the decision making process of the university. Our members have taken large scale initiatives such as the sustainability minor in the Faculty of economics and business, which will be offered starting next year and silent/contemplation rooms across the university. All of our members believe that we have a vital part to play in improving the university and we welcome everyone who feels they can help us in representing the students.

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For nearly a century, Sefa has sought to make a positive difference for students of the Economics and Business faculty (FEB). As List Sefa, the student party of the FEB, we are super motivated to uphold this tradition in striving to make a meaningful change for all our students. Our vision is to have high quality education, intensive personal development, and extensive career preparation opportunities. This vision can only be achieved if students have the tools they need in order to develop themselves in the highly interactive and dynamic university experience we as List Sefa will safeguard for you. Your needs are our greatest priority and we will fight with faculty management so that your voice will always be heard. No goal or dream should be out of reach for either one of you and we feel that it is our duty to let you excel in every aspect of your lives. So vote for List Sefa now and give way to the positive change that we have in mind for you!

In order to achieve this years’ motto of building student success together, we as List Sefa focus on improving three key aspects of your life:

  • Study - Success in your academic career
    • More possibilities and guidance for students to engage in interdisciplinary and flexible pay-per-credit study programmes.
    • Increase study- and project-room booking availability..
    • Most lectures recorded and online accessible, more digital preparatory materials for exams
    • Permit Dutch and international students the preference of answering exam questions in their native Dutch or English Language. 
  • Social - Success in your sociocultural milieu
    • Full spring break week in March for students to use their time for additional studying, social interaction with their family and friends, or projects as needed.
    • Guaranteed housing placement for all first-year Dutch and first-/second-year international students.
    • Free Dutch lessons for international students taught privately by Dutch UvA students with a pairing system. 
  • Career - Success in your future
    • Invite business leaders who link taught theory with practical experience in business/economics.
    • Offer more tailored guidance to incorporate internships into your academic schedule. 
    • Offer job-shadowing and voluntary work experiences to students unable to get a Dutch work permit.

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Inter is a party founded on the values of transparency and democracy; we are striving to push these values all the way up to the most influential decision-makers at the university in order to give students a voice and the power to change real policies. We provide a platform for students to get involved in university politics and learn about the policies implemented at our institution through open meetings and publication of our minutes every week. 

We aim to find a balance between the interests of all students, Dutch and international. We believe that diversity of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds enriches the educational experience; therefore, we advocate for a more inclusive UvA.

Our law faculty representatives are currently involved in the dossiers concerning education, mental health, sustainability, digitalisation, and internationalisation / diversity. We care about the quality of your education, your general welfare, your future, and your opportunities. 

We Stand For:

  • Transparent and democratic decision-making
  • Quality of education and academic flexibility
  • Diversification of backgrounds of the student body
  • A balance between Dutch and international interests
  • Improved student welfare
  • Sustainable policies and practices

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