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Impact of Brexit on UvA students studying in the UK

For EU citizens who are already living or studying in the UK on Brexit day, the UK will continue to run the EU Settlement Scheme after Brexit, even in a ‘no deal’ scenario. This means you should be able to carry on with your life as usual, continuing to work, study, and access benefits and services in the UK, much as you do now.

These are the conclusions from a policy paper issued by the UK Government  outlining its action to protect citizens’ rights in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Check your tuition fees

Check with your British university if tuition fees for next year will be affected by Brexit. For example, the University of Oxford has promised that EU students who began their studies in 2018-2019 will be charged the home rate for tuition fees for all years of their course.

Register with the Dutch Embassy

The UvA has no central records as to which of our students are currently studying in the UK. You are advised to register with the Netherlands Embassy in London. This will let us know that you are studying in the UK and enable us to provide relevant information as needed in the future.

After 2019-2020

No information is available on the effects of Brexit on studying in the UK starting from 2019-2020. The EU has stated that EU programmes such as Erasmus+ will be available for study in the UK for the year 2019-2020, but only if the UK continues to pay its EU contribution for the whole of 2019.

What happens after that will depend on an eventual deal or on negotiations on the UK’s status as an associated country after Brexit.