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Fieldwork MAS

Fieldwork MAS

The Master in Medical and Social Anthropology is a one-year programme in which you design and conduct your own research. After completing your fieldwork, you are expected to write a well-argued thesis.

Fieldwork during Medical Anthropology and Sociology

The Master's programme consists of three stages: designing your research project, conducting fieldwork and writing your thesis. In all three stages, you will be supervised individually by a member of the academic teaching staff. Your supervisor will be assigned during the first semester. In the first semester, you will design your research and write a research proposal.

After getting approval for your proposal, you can leave for fieldwork. The fieldwork is a period of 8 weeks, starting in February. You can choose to do your fieldwork abroad or in the Netherlands. After returning from fieldwork, you will start writing your thesis

Fieldwork and Thesis Manual

The MAS Fieldwork and Thesis manual provides information to students Medical Anthropology and Sociology (MAS) about key steps in their fieldwork and thesis projects, including the roles and responsibilities of various persons involved (students, supervisors, fieldwork coordinators, lecturers, study adviser/ program manager and GSSS support staff). It further includes information on practicalities and deadlines, and the MAS code of conduct.

The manual is renewed every year. Make sure to use the right version. 
If you have any questions, please contact your fieldwork coordinator or study adviser.


Fieldwork Forms

To ensure you are well-prepared when leaving for fieldwork, we require you to send in the Fieldwork and Thesis Proposal Form. You can find these forms on Canvas.

Before departure to 'the field', make sure to hand in this form with your supervisor's signature at the Education Desk Social Sciences (REC B.700, Nieuwe Achtergracht 166). Do not forget to make a copy for your own administration.

Alternatively you can scan your form and send it to Don't forget to attach your approved proposal. If you are still working on the proposal, make sure to send in the final version later (also via or hand in at the Education Desk).



'Fieldwork finance' will provide information on various funds you can apply for to accomodate your fieldwork.