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New students

Academic writing skills course


Consider registering for the Academic Writing Skills course for social science students! This practically-based course is designed to develop students’ skills in academic writing in English. The course is meant for non-native English speakers and is open for both (pre)master students and exchange students.

The course consists of 2 sessions of 3 hours and one individual feedback session. The course meetings will take place on:

  • Monday 30 March 2020, 17:00-20:00h, REC B2.01
  • Monday 6 April 2020, 17:00-20:00h, REC B2.02

Fee and registration 

Participants pay a small fee for this course: 50 euros. Students can register for this course at the Education Desk Social Sciences in REC-B 7.00. After registration students will receive an confirmation by email including an invoice for the payment of the course.  Registration starts on Monday 3 February 2020 and closes Friday 21 February 2020 at 12:00h.

More information about the course, class dates and locations and the registration procedure, including regulations on possible reimbursement of the fee after withdrawing from the course, can be found in the course description below

Student testimonial

Here is what Karoliina Vesa (Finland) – exchange student Social Sciences, participant of the Academic Writing Skills course in spring 2013- says about her experience with the course:

"Let me tell you about one of the best scholastic decisions I made during my exchange year at the University of Amsterdam: taking an academic writing course. Consisting of two group sessions and one individual feedback session, it took only a fleeting moment of my time, but it came with immense returns. The course provided me with a profound understanding and practical skills on argumentation, phrasing, style matters and formal vocabulary, all essential things that form the backbone of a great essay and - speaking from experience - lead to great grades.

To be frank, I didn't take advantage of the opportunity on the first semester - I believed that I would not benefit from it as I've been told I have a very solid English and eloquent writing. After the first midterms, I soon realized that academic writing is like fencing or paintings: you know what it should look like, you can be decent at it by giving it minimal effort, but gaining top results requires method training and a masters' class. In short, this course is one of the best investments you can make both for your studies at UvA and beyond."

Academic Writing Skills GSSS