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New students

Orientation new students

Graduate School of Social Sciences

On Friday 30 August at 15:00h the Graduate School of Social Sciences officially welcomes the new students starting the Master's programmes.


The ceremony will be opened with an official word of welcome of Prof. Annette Freyberg-Inan, director of the GSSS, followed by a discussion by dr. Paul Raekstad (Political Science), dr. Anne de Jong (Anthropology), prof. dr. Zef Hemel (Geography) and dr. Marguerite van de Berg (Sociology). See below for more information about this discussion.

The ceremony will take place at campus Roeterseiland building A and will be followed by drinks at the bridge on the 4th floor. All new students are cordially invited to attend!

Time: 15:00-17:00
Location: Roeterseiland building A A0.01
Drinks: 16:15 at the bridge 4th floor


"What can the social sciences do in this political moment?"

Dr. Paul Raekstad (Political science), dr. Anne de Jong (Anthropology), prof. dr. Zef Hemel (Geography), dr. Marguerite van de Berg (Sociology) will discuss how their disciplines tackle this question. What do we know - apart and together as the social sciences - and how can this empower us as students, scholars, and changemakers?

Programme orientation meeting 

Some programmes have an (obligatory) practical orientation meeting before the general kick off or in the first week of the academic year. For the specific time and location of the practical orientation meeting of your Master’s programme, please visit your programme website.

Skills courses

At the start of the semester, the GSSS offers the following skills courses to new students:


Study Skills Workshops 

The Service and Information Centre organises workshops about the Dutch education system. Various study methods and study skills such as academic reading, concentrating, time management and planning will be addressed. For more information please contact the Service and Information Centre and see the events list.