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Nursing rooms Amsterdam Roeterseilandcampus

Nursing rooms Amsterdam Roeterseilandcampus

The Amsterdam Roeterseiland Campus is equipped with five  nursing rooms: B05.64, B10.71, GS07B, E0.17 and A0.05

Procedure for nursing rooms B05.64, B10.71 and GS.07B

Please contact the education desk of the department in which you are enrolled. An employee will then arrange a temporary access pass for the nursing room(s) and will see that the room(s) is/are reserved as needed.

Procedure for nursing rooms E0.17 and A0.05

You can pick up a temporary access pass from the Building E porter (for nursing room E0.17) or the Building A porter (for nursing room A0.05). Please return the pass when you are finished using the room.
These rooms can also be used as a first aid room. Situations requiring first aid always have priority and are allowed to 'appropriate' the room. A screen has been placed in front of the chair to provide privacy in case someone opens the door.