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The human infrastructure supporting the programme includes the programme director, the study advisor/programme coordinator, the specialisation tutors, the examinations board, the programme committee and the Registrar’s Office. For a detailed description of the organisation underlying the RMSS, see the website of the Graduate School of Social Sciences,  the educational institute of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) which offers and organizes the programme.

The Programme Director of the research Master's programme in Social Sciences is Alex van Venrooij.  Alex van Venrooij is assistant professor of cultural sociology at the University of Amsterdam and affiliated with the research programme group Cultural Sociology. Find more information about Alex van Venrooij on the GSSS website and his personal personal webpage.

Students can contact their Programme Director through their study adviser/programme coordinator, Alyt Klomp. She is responsible for the everyday functioning of the programme and a student counsellor, monitoring student’s progress in the programme and giving advice on (alternative) study plans. She also has a role in the course registration and mediating between students and lecturers, if necessary.

There are three specialisation tutors in the programme, one for each thematic specialisation on offer. In each of the three specialisations a specialisation tutor will function as the bridge between students and the research programmes affiliated to the specialisations. These tutors have the following responsibilities:

  • introducing the thematic specialisations within the RMSS
  • introducing students to relevant program groups and UvA researchers
  • helping students to find a research topic, internship, and supervisor(s)

The specialisation tutors are:

For 'Cultures in the Making': Dr. Julie McBrien

For 'Sources of Inequalities': Dr. Bram Lancee

For 'Comparative & International Politics': Dr. Armèn Hakhverdian

Bram Lancee is also the coordinator for external internships.