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General Information Graduation

You may apply for graduation when you have passed all courses and theses. Please read all information on this website carefully, before you start the online application.

Graduation Request Form (NL)

Graduation Request Form (EN)

When can you request your graduation? 

  1.  You can make your exam request once you have met all requirements for the programme, i.e. when all results are on your transcript.  It is not possible to request your graduation before that time. If you are planning to make the graduation request, you are advised to check all your results first to see if all your results are correctly processed. If not, you need to undertake action immediately. 
  2. Furthermore, you have to be registered as a student at UvA for the Research Master's programme in Psychology at the time of the exam request and at the time of your graduation date. 

What do you have to do to get the Thesis grade awarded?

  • Send your Thesis report as a Word-document to the secretary of the programming group. The secretary will send the document to: for a routine plagiarism check.
  • Mail the filled out research projects grading form about your thesis to the secretary of the programme group as well.
  • Your supervisor will need to hand in the signed grading form at the secretary of the programme group  This can be only be done after the thesis presentation.

Colloquia credits 

1 ec is reserved for colloquium credits, this credit point will be awarded if students have shown to have attended colloquia. A colloquium is a public lecture or thesis presentation at UvA’s Psychology Department. Students should attend 10 lectures; 5 of them should be thesis presentations, 5 should be lectures.

If all 10 credits are registered please send an email to to get the 1 EC awarded. This can also be arranged at the Student Desk (1.04).  

Colloquia and Lectures

Graduation date

The graduation date is date of your final credit in SiS with which you have met all requirements for graduation or the date of your graduation request (which ever is latests). This date will appear on your diploma. You can graduate every month. 

Graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony will take place at least six weeks after the graduation date. Ceremonies are held each month except for July, August and December. The month in which the graduation ceremony takes place does not influence the graduation date on your diploma. The graduation ceremony is individual, it takes about 15 minutes. At the ceremony you will receive your diploma and one of your supervisors will make a speech. You do not have to present or defend your work at the ceremony.

Graduation with academic distinction

 You do not have to apply for an academic distinction yourself. This is calculated for every student. Please see the lemma in the AZ-list for the current rules on academic distinctions. 

Graduation statement

If your graduation request is officially accepted, you can ask for a statement to proof that you have graduated and that your diploma will be awarded within due time. You can use this statement e.g. for job applications, as long as you have not received your degree certificate. 

Master Diploma with Diploma supplement

Upon graduation, you will receive a Master’s degree certificate (Diploma). It is stated in English and Dutch. You will also receive a diploma supplement in English, stating all your grades and an extensive description of the programme, requirements, study goals etc.

How to apply for Graduation?

Termination of enrolment

 Please go through the following steps:  

Termination of enrolment - Go through the following steps

Tuition Fee Refunds

PLease see:

Student public transport pass and Student loans

 Please note that organisations like ‘OV jaarkaart B.V.’ and the ‘Informatie Beheer Groep’ are not notified by us, you will have to inform them about your de-enrollment yourself. It is important to remember that you have to hand in your ‘OV-chipkaart’ once you are not enrolled anymore. 

After your graduation

Students and staff of our Master’s programme are very interested to hear what kind of jobs our alumni have found after the graduation, if you could give us any updates about your career moves (at ), it would be much appreciated.

If you are not already a member, we would like to invite you to the Research Master Psychology LinkedIn page! 

Res Mas LinkedIn page