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Support, costs and registration

for students and doctoral candidates

  • Our approach

    We mainly use evidence-based methods and techniques, such as cognitive behavioural therapy. If you need help because of problems that are hindering your studies, there are various ways in which we can help.

  • Groups, training courses and workshops

    Because many students face the same kind of problems, we offer specialised training courses and workshops throughout the academic year. In most cases, a training course or workshop will be best suited to deal with your problems and you will benefit most from it. A group setting helps you deal with your issues in a structured way, in a safe atmosphere and under the supervision of a student psychologist. Your weekly sessions will give you more insight into the issues affecting you. You are given tools to deal with problems and you practise intensively with them in the group. Mutual recognition and support is a major advantage of working in a group.

    Our groups, workshops and training courses

  • Individual appointment

    If, after reading through the information about the groups, training courses or workshops, you are not sure whether one of the groups may be suitable for you, please choose 'An individual appointment with a student psychologist' on the application form, and we will look into the matter with you.

    Please note: Due to a growing number of registrations, our waiting list for individual counseling is currently longer than 3 months. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Need urgent help?

    If you are in need of urgent help, please contact your GP. If you do not have a GP, please contact the university doctors. More information can be found here: or call +31 (0)20 525 2878.

  • Sign up

    Due to measures regarding the coronavirus, you cannot visit the Student Psychologists Office until at least Monday 6 April 2020. You cannot make a regular appointment at this time.

    We would however like to offer our support to all students and doctoral candidates who are feeling worried and stressed because of the corona crisis. It is therefore now possible to request a short interview, by phone (please note: this is not an intake for our regular services). If you would like to make use of this offer, please send us an email. We will schedule a call as soon as possible.

    Send an email to the student psychologists

  • What happens after your registration?

    After you have registered for a group, workshop or training, there is sometimes an intake interview first; in other groups you can participate directly, provided there available spots.

    After you have registered for an individual appointment, we may think that a training is more suited because it will offer the best and most effective treatment of your complaints. We will contact you via email with our advice.

    If this is not the case, you will be invited for an appointment. During the first interview, an assessment is made of the nature, seriousness and background of the problems you experience and the type of support that best suits them. This can be a number of individual sessions (maximum of 4) with one of our psychologists, or in some cases participation in one of our groups, workshops or training courses for students or PhD students.

    Sometimes we cannot provide you with the guidance you need. We can then help you with a referral, perhaps to the GGZ (Mental Health Organization). If this is the case you always need an official referral from your doctor. Only then will the assistance be reimbursed by your health insurance policy, apart from your deductible.

  • Confidentiality

    Everything that is discussed is strictly confidential, unless you indicate in writing that information may be shared with a specific person or body.*

    All meetings are also strictly confidential. In the case of a referral (to Arkin, another mental health institution or an independent care provider), information will only be exchanged if you give your written permission.

    * This code can be broken if there is a well-founded suspicion that you are going to hurt yourself or someone else.

  • Costs

    The groups, workshops and training courses and the discussions with student psychologists are free of charge. If a student psychologist refers you to a second-line institution or an independent care provider, the costs will be reimbursed by any health insurance company (your ‘own risk’ excess may apply).

    Sometimes you are referred to the Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care (GGZ), e.g. Arkin. In that case, you will need an official referral from your family doctor. Only then will the support be reimbursed by your health insurance (your ‘own risk’ excess may apply).

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