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Incident reporting

Incident reporting

Have you seen an unsafe situation or witnessed an accident/incident or near miss? Please report this at Reporting this enables us to investigate the situation and to take action to prevent an accident from happening or happening again. Your report will remain strictly confidential.

Is there immediate danger?

You should first call the central alarm number T: +31 (0)20 525 2222, or warn the receptionist at the front desk of the building.

Once all the necessary measures have been taken to deal with the immediate danger you can report the incident at (in Dutch). (in Dutch)

What kind of things should you report?

You should report anything that you think may pose a danger. For example:

  • an obstructed emergency exit
  • a dangerous step or loose floor tiles (tripping hazard)
  • spillage on floor (slipping hazard)
  • theft
  • careless use of chemicals
  • fire hazard
  • explosion hazard
  • ground contamination
  • noise nuisance

What will happen to your report?

  • If necessary the person dealing with your report may contact you for further information.
  • This person, who may be a health & safety officer or an environmental coordinator, will decide whether further investigation/action is necessary.

Reporting on behalf of someone else

You can also make a report on behalf of a fellow student or a guest.

Reporting undesirable behaviour to the confidential adviser

If you have been a victim of or a witness to undesirable behaviour, you should report this to one of the UvA confidential advisers. The confidential adviser can help find a solution to the problem and will ensure that your report remains confidential. Undesirable behaviour includes such things as discrimination, sexual intimidation, bullying, abusive language etc.