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On Friday, 8 April and Saturday, 9 April, an old foundation in the Nieuwe Achtergracht canal will be demolished. This work can cause noise nuisance in a number of buildings on the Roeterseiland Campus (Buildings D, H, L, De Brug and possibly Building E and the canal-facing side of Building C). We advise anyone who is not bound to a fixed work or study space to work somewhere else on campus or work from home.

The foundation to be demolished

Demolition work on Friday, 8 and Saturday, 9 April

On these two days, we will be demolishing the part of the foundation that is above water-level. The works will be carried out from a pontoon in the canal and will cause severe noise nuisance due to the use of a hydraulic hammer. Watch this video for an impression of the noise level that you can expect from the building works.

The demolition work will start at 8:00 on Friday and at 9:00 on Saturday. On both days, the demolition will stop at 18:00.

Demolition work from Monday, 11 April to Friday, 22 April

From Monday, 11 April to Friday, 22 April, we will be demolishing the old foundation that is below water level. We expect this work to cause less nuisance as the water will dampen the sound somewhat. Rubble from the works will be collected in containers on Nieuwe Achtergracht.

Why the demolition works?

The old foundation needs to be demolished in order to restore boat access to the canal and to make way for the new bridge.

The old foundation is comprised of around 100 tonnes of concrete and steel. It is approximately 27 metres long, 3 metres wide and 1.5 metres high. Unfortunately, demolition is the only option for removing this structure as it cannot be lifted out in one piece or sawed into sections underwater.