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Studying together safely on the Roeterseiland Campus

Apart from small-scale activities that we are launching on the campus, studying at home will remain the norm. If you have a lecture on the campus or have booked a study place, you can come to the campus. In order to do this safely, all buildings and learning and study spaces have been set up taking the 1.5 metre distance into account, and we are complying with a number of agreements. We would also ask you to take responsibility for your own use of the campus.

Update 13 january 2021: Extension of coronavirus measures

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What can you expect from us?

  • We have cleaning agents ready

    Cleaning agents are provided in the work, research and learning spaces. There are disinfection points at the entrances to the buildings and toilet blocks.

  • We have opened the restaurants

    The restaurants are open, but work differently than you are used to. There are Grab&Go points to avoid queues as much as possible. Food is packaged as much as possible.

Contact for information on facility services

Any questions or comments? Contact or go to the Service Point in the central hall (ground floor) of building A/B/C.

Are you planning to come to a UvA location? This is how you prepare!

  • Only come if you and your household members are healthy

    If you or any of your household members have health issues such as a cold, blocked or runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, shortness of breath, slight cough, a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or fever, please stay home.

  • Always bring your UvA student ID card with you

    Use your student ID card to check in and out of the buildings. That way, we will know how many people are in the buildings. When checking people in and out, only the numbers are counted and no personal data is stored. If you have not yet uploaded your passport photo or do not (yet) have a student ID card, you can sort this out now via MijnUvApas.

What do we expect from you on the campus? The dos for studying together safely.

  • Wear a face mask (must be worn from 1 December onwards)

    In order to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, the government has decreed that face masks must be worn in public indoor areas from 1 December. This also applies to educational institutions. Below you can read what this means for the UvA.

    When to wear a face mask

    Face masks must be worn by everyone moving around inside the UvA-buildings. You may remove your face mask in class once everyone has taken their seat or designated position to stand. When you move around, you must wear a face mask again, even if only to move to another workspace.

    Example: you do not need to wear a face mask while sitting down during tutorials, but do need to wear one when approaching the lecturer to ask a question.

    Disability or illness

    Those who are unable to wear a face mask because of a disability or illness do not need to wear one.

  • Show up on time, but not too early

    You will be nicely on time and not too early if you arrive at the room where you need to be 5 to 10 minutes in advance. Please take into account any waiting time required to enter the building.

  • Leave your study place clean after use

    Do not leave any papers, food leftovers or other rubbish after use. Cleaning agents are provided in the work and learning rooms, so that you can clean your space beforehand. Also be sure to clean materials/equipment before and after use.

  • Follow the instructions of the hosts

    Follow the instructions of the hosts and help to monitor your own health and safety together with that of students and colleagues. If people fail to comply with the rules, we will report this to the dean or the director.


  • Report unsafe situations

    Don't feel safe? Do you have tips and recommendations? Contact the reception, the Service Point in the central hall (ground floor) of building A/B/C or the hosts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about studying on Roeterseiland Campus? Find answers to frequently asked questions, on topics such as teaching, working and studying at home, buildings & facilities and conferences, events and conferrals.