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On 25 November, the new method of registering for courses via GLASS will be piloted in the Bachelor's programmes Law*, Tax Law* and Psychology and in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes of Communication Science. GLASS is a new course registration application that aims to give students a fast, user-friendly and above all stress-free experience when registering for their courses.

Stress-free registration

As commonly known students experience a great deal of stress during the current course registration process. The current application method also causes a huge peak load, with the accompanying technical problems; GLASS should make this a thing of the past. ‘Right now, it is a case of “first come, first served”, and this does not feel fair. Students lack an overview and feel that they have little influence on their academic plan,’ says Gerrit Oomens, who is responsible for GLASS.

A major advantage of the new method of registering for courses is that students will no longer have to collectively sit at their computer at eight o'clock in the morning, which would lead to a “concert ticket” effect.’ An algorithm ensures that students are placed automatically and receive a well functioning timetable.

Student experience takes centre stage

Over the past 1.5 years, the UvA had worked hard behind the scenes to develop GLASS. When developing the application, the UvA always kept students in mind. Students from various degree programmes and academic years tested GLASS at various stages of its development. The insights from these tests were used to further optimise GLASS. The result is an application that is based on fair placement within a fast, stable and secure environment, with the student experience as the central focus.

Launch of the pilot

As stated earlier GLASS will be piloted in the Bachelor's programmes Law, Tax Law and Psychology and in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes of Communication Science.

The course registration period runs from 10 am on 25 November to 11.59 pm on 30 November. In this period, you will be able to indicate preferences for the courses you wish to take in the following semester. You will only indicate which subjects you wish to take. It is no longer necessary to choose groups. On 2 December, you will then be allocated to courses and groups, taking the specified schedule and time preferences into account. On 3 December, you will find out which groups you have been allocated to and you will be able to view the timetable. After 3 December there will be follow-up rounds in which you are able to act on the results of this first round.

You will naturally receive further information on how GLASS works in practice.

If you have any further questions about GLASS, then please fill in this form.


* First-year students of these programmes do not have to register for courses in the first year.