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Student Council elections

The UvA Student Council elections took place from Monday, 8 until Friday, 12 June 2020. Student Councils represent the interests of UvA students. They get involved with important issues such as student housing, educational quality, the binding study advice (BSA) and sustainability.

Each faculty has its own Faculty Student Council (FSR), and there is a Central Student Council (CSR) for the UvA as a whole. The Faculty Student Councils liaise with the dean of their faculty, while the Central Student Council liaises with the UvA's Executive Board. There are a number of different parties that put forward their views on the important issues that the Student Councils get involved with. As a UvA student, you can use your vote to help decide who sits on the FSR and who sits on the CSR and by doing so help to create a better university.

Online magazine

A special online magazine has been developed for the student council elections. Here you can read all the ins and outs of the elections.

Click on the image to open the online magazine.

Explainer video

Wondering how student representation works at the UvA? Watch the video!