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In the weekend of 14 and 15 May the biannual major ICT maintenance will be carried out on the network. This means that during the whole weekend (from Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 24:00) we cannot guarantee the availability of all ICT services and facilities.

Please take into account that ICT services and facilities may be temporarily unavailable

Our network has been built in such a way that all ICT systems and services in principal continue to function when one or more parts malfunction. During the weekend, however, we carry out maintenance on crucial parts of the network, which means there is a chance that ICT systems and services might be affected and fail. It goes without saying that we do everything in our power to keep these failures to a minimum. 

Saturday 14, and Sunday 15 May

Keep in mind that ICT systems and services short or longer periods of time may fail. Think for example of:

  • Canvas
  • UvA sites
  • SIS
  • SAP
  • ICT workplace
  • Facilities on campus such as wifi, printers and coffee and candy machines

System administrators will test systems following the maintenance work. It cannot be guaranteed that all systems will be operational again during the weekend, but you can use them.

Why is a network maintenance weekend needed?

During the maintenance weekend necessary maintenance will be carried on the network. The maintenance work will improve the availability of the systems.