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FAQ about the start of academic year in September

For students starting or continuing their study Psychology in 2020-2021

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, many students have questions concerning the application and admission process to our programmes. We understand that given the circumstances you may not be entirely sure yet if you can attend your studies in September. On this page, we answer frequently asked questions.

General questions

  • Will education continue in the new academic year?

    In order to keep our teaching activities accessible to everyone, it is very likely that almost all teaching will initially still take place online. We highly value our on-campus teaching, which is why additionally, we would like to reinstate small-scale teaching in our buildings, if it is possible to do so safely and responsibly. We will of course take into account any potential national or international travel restrictions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

    If it is possible to reinstate teaching on campus in the new academic year, international students who are unable to arrive in Amsterdam on time due to the corona crisis can contact

  • Can I start my pre-Master's if I have not yet completed my Bachelor's?

    In certain exceptional cases, the UvA is making it possible to begin a Pre-Master's programme when you have not yet fully completed your Bachelor's programme. Normally, you would not be able to being a Pre-Master's until you had successfully completed your previous study programme.

    If you have incurred a limited study delay, you will be allowed to begin your Pre-Master's programme – but only if your study delay involves courses from your Bachelor's that were offered in the second semester of this academic year (period 4, 5 and 6) and your delay is related to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Your study delay must not comprise more than 15 ECTS. In cases where a student's delay is greater than 15 ECTS, the programme is no longer considered ‘feasible’.

    You will be able to make up the ‘missing’ courses and will have the entire 2020-2021 academic year to do so.

    If you wish to make use of this arrangement, we recommend you carefully consider the feasibility of the entire study programme before submitting a request. We are unfortunately unable to guarantee that there will be no overlap in scheduling, for instance when exams are held.

    This arrangement is in effect for students who wish to begin a Pre-Master's programme at the UvA in September 2020.


Application and admission

If you are starting your study Psychology in September, please find the answer to frequently asked questions below.

  • Am I obliged to enroll after accepting the offer?

    No, accepting the offer does not oblige you to enrol and pay tuition fees. You can still cancel your enrolment request before the start of the academic year.

    However, it is necessary that you accept the offer so that we can take the necessary steps to complete your registration. For example, if you do not accept the offer, you may not be able to sign up for courses in time. We therefore advise you to accept the offer as soon as possible, but in any case within the time specified in the admission decision. If you subsequently wish to cancel your enrolment, please contact the Admissions Office at

    If the corona measures in the Netherlands do not permit on-site teaching in September, the faculty intends to continue offering teaching and testing online for as long as necessary. This way, you can start your education at the UvA, and the education is also accessible to foreign students who are unable to travel to Amsterdam on time.

  • Can I defer the offer?

    This is only possible in very exceptional cases. Please send your request with motivation to The selection committee will determine whether or not a deferral is possible.

    Unfortunately it is not possible for the Master programs to defer the offer to next year. You are welcome to reapply next year.

  • I sent my certified copies. When will I see this in SIS?

    Because of the corona measures, our employees work from home. As a result, there is a delay in the processing of regular mail. It can take up to three to four weeks after receipt of the documents before the corresponding item in your checklist Registration in SIS is ticked off.

  • I can't hand in all the necessary documents because my exams have been postponed / school is closed. What if I can't start with the programme?

    We are monitoring this situation closely and will take action when needed, following the guidelines of the Dutch government.  For now, the government is holding onto the 1 September start of the academic year.

    However, if you cannot submit the requested documents in time, please send us the digital copies. Please note that these have to be sent in by your school, University or Exam Board.


    Consider the following points:

    • Your name and UvA ID (student number) must be stated in the e-mail subject line.
    • The date of graduation must be stated on the diploma.
    • The list of grades must include the name of the educational administrator of the school.
    • The documents are encoded and/or digitally signed by your school.
    • The documents contain both a stamp and a signature of the school.

    If you cannot make the 1 September start, you can cancel your application any time, even if you have already accepted your place. (If you cancel before 1 September 2020, you will also be reimbursed for any tuition fees already paid).

Do you have any questions concerning admission to which you cannot find an answer on this page? Please send an e-mail to: