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A new way of reviewing

What has changed?

• It is no longer possible to inspect your exam at the Education Desk;
• after the partial examinations you will be given the opportunity to inspect the exam in a specially reserved room, where you can take your time going through your examination on a laptop;
• during the last inspection there will be the opportunity to request for a reassessment, not before or afterwards.

This new way of reviewing examinations and requesting for reassessments has been tested last year. Based on the results there has been decided to implement central, digital inspections for all examinations of compulsory courses of year 1 and 2. For each partial examination, an inspection has been scheduled (note: in the second year, two inspections are scheduled per examination to give all students the opportunity to attend an inspection). Please see to see when and where the inspections are scheduled.

For more information and explanation see the page Inspection of examinations and the reassessment procedure on the A-Z list of Psychology.