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Psychology (Bachelor's and Master's programme)

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Register for the courses of the first semester of the academic year 2019-2020.
The course registration runs from Thursday 13 June 2019 (8:00 a.m.) to Tuesday 25 June 2020 (1:00 p.m.). Be considerate! If you decide not to take a course after all, please deregister. This enables someone else to take your place.
23 May 2019
From Monday 27 May to Wednesday 5 June, the University Library will be switching over to a new library system. Our services will be restricted during this time. Read more about what temporarily is not possible.
20 May 2019
Due to the public transport strike set for Tuesday 28th May, the UvA’s Executive Board has decided that all Psychology exams planned for that day will be rescheduled. The rescheduled exam dates will be released soon; ...
20 May 2019
On Tuesday, 28 May, there will be no public transport throughout the Netherlands because of a strike. All UvA exams scheduled for that day will be cancelled and attendance at seminars and lectures will be optional. ...

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