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Wat doet de Opleidingscommissie?

In de Opleidingscommissie (OC) kunnen docenten en studenten gezamenlijk invloed uitoefenen op het onderwijs van de opleiding Psychologie. De OC bestaat uit een gelijk aantal studenten en docenten. Van elke programmagroep is een docent vertegenwoordigd. De studentleden van de OC onderhouden banden met onder andere de ombudsstudent, de VSPA, de studentenraad en de studentenfracties van de programmagroepen. Het lidmaatschap van een OC-lid is twee jaar.

De belangrijkste taken van de OC zijn:

  • Het maken van een jaarlijkse beoordeling van de onderwijsprogramma's van de programmagroepen, waarbij onder meer getoetst wordt of het programma studeerbaar is en of de omvang van de onderdelen in overeenstemming is met de studiepunten die aan de onderdelen zijn toegekend.
  • Advies geven over de Onderwijs- en Examenregeling (OER) die jaarlijks wordt vastgesteld.
  • Het beoordelen van de organisatie van de evaluatie van studie-onderdelen en de bespreking van de resultaten daarvan.
  • Advies uitbrengen over nieuwe ontwikkelingen in het onderwijs
  • Bijdragen aan de voorbereiding van de onderwijsvisitaties die eens in de zes jaar worden georganiseerd. Tijdens een visitatie beoordeelt een onafhankelijke commissie de kwaliteit van onze opleiding.
  • Het maken van een jaarverslag.

De OC kent buddykoppels van elk één student en één docent. Zo’n buddykoppel bereidt samen de vergadering voor en verdiept zich in een voor dat jaar relevant onderwijsdossier, zoals grootschalige onderwijsvernieuwingen, toetsing of stagebegeleiding. De koppels schrijven hier een verslag over dat de OC-leden informeert over belangrijke ontwikkelingen. Zo’n verslag kan als basis dienen voor een (on)gevraagd advies aan het dagelijks bestuur.    

Voor meer informatie, zie s.v.p. het Jaarverslag OC Psychologie 2018-2019:

Wie zijn wij?

Opleidingscommissie Psychologie 2020
  • Marte Otten (Programme Committee Chair, lecturer-member Brain & Cognition)

    I am an assistant professor with the department of Brain and Cognition, a fabulous job that combines research and teaching.

    I study how social context shapes cognition (for example: emotion or language perception). I teach two courses in the third-year Brain and Cognition specialisation, which are Language and B&C Toolbox. In addition, I also teach at Psychobiology and supervise students doing their thesis projects and work placements. The unique power of university teaching is that our research shapes the teaching directly, but personally, I find my teaching gives me real inspiration to pursue new, fun and surprising research.

  • Miriam Idris (Programme Committee Chair, student member)

    My name is Miriam, I am 19 years old and currently doing the second year of Psychology. I became a member of the Programme Committee in 2019. My goal is to be influential by bringing in knowledge about my experience in different school systems.

    Furthermore, I find it very important to be actively involved in my education in order for it to be successful. By being a member of the Programme Committee I hope to have an opinion and represent my (as well as other students’ opinions) in this committee.

  • Ruby Manten (student member)

    Hi everyone! My name is Ruby and I’m 23 years old.

    Last year I finished my Bachelor, and now I’m doing my Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology at UvA. This is my second year as a PC member, and this year I’m also the student chair. I really enjoy it thus far.

    During the first two years of my bachelor and my board year at the VSPA (Study Association of Psychology), I learned that the UvA Psychology department offers many opportunities, but that this knowledge and experience cannot be acquired without any effort. That’s why I wanted to dive more deeply into the UvA’s Psychology education, in order to contribute to a place where I feel so at home.

    In the Programme Committee I try to monitor the quality of education, while thinking about innovative ways that can contribute to the education on social and organisational level, among other things. If you have good ideas to bring the education to a higher level, do not hesitate to contact us via email, telephone, carrier pigeon or whatever you prefer.

  • Elin Swaan (student member)

    My name is Elin, I’m 20 years old, and last year I finished the second year of the Psychology bachelor. This year I took a year off to become a board member of the VSPA (the study association of Psychology). Combining the fact that I want to specialise in Work & Organisational Psychology, and that I love being a part of the VSPA; a board year was – and still is – the perfect choice for me.

    For the last two years I’ve been a member of the focus group, so when they asked a VSPA member to attend the PC meetings, I happily agreed. I’ve always liked (critical) discussions about the quality of the education, and I enjoy thinking about ways to improve the study even further. Do you have anything you’d like to bring to our attention? Don’t hesitate to contact me; I’d love to take credit for it ;).

  • Danique Wierda (student member)

    Hi! My name is Danique, I’m 18 years old and I’m currently in my first year of the Psychology bachelor programme. I started my studies in a very different way than most people would. Because of that, I’ve only really seen the university through Zoom. Nevertheless, this rather digital experience puts me in a unique position where I can objectively look at the quality of online education. This is definitely a great reason why I decided to apply for the Programme Committee,. Another would be that I’m generally very interested in ‘the making of’ such a programme and would love to help to keep it up to date.

  • Hillie Aaldering (lecturer-member, Work & Organisational Psychology)

    I work as assistant professor at the department of Work & Organisational Psychology, where I conduct research and teach on increasing cooperation and solving conflicts within and between groups, and understanding individual and group decision making. I teach two courses in the mastertrack Consultancy and Organisational Development (and am its track ambassador); Conflict and Cooperation –which is also an elective in the mastertrack Coaching and Vitality- and Judgment and Decision Making- also an elective in the mastertrack Human Resource and Career Management and the Research Master. You may also meet me in the first year where I give one lecture in the introduction course on W&O Psychology, and I additionally supervise bachelor and master theses, and master internships.

    I thoroughly enjoy gaining students' enthusiasm for the material I teach about, as well as facilitating their learning process to help them reach their potential- and sometimes to see them surprise themselves by realising new personal strengths and/or gaining new interests in certain topics. Moreover, I find it important and fun to emphasise the relationship with practice in my teaching- how and why is this knowledge relevant in your later career- which is why I also teach outside of the UvA to interested professionals at work about understanding and improving cooperation and decision making.

    I am proud of the quality of our education and am determined to invest from my position in the PC into maintaining and further developing our education programme.

  • Max van der Linden (lecturer-member, Psychological Methods)

    As a lecturer in the Psychological Methods programme group, I coordinate the Psychology Honours programme. I’m also working on a PhD on the history of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in psychiatric patients and write popular science books.

    I’m happy to work to achieve a degree programme that allows every student the personal space and control they need to develop into a versatile and professional psychologist.

  • Annemat Collot d' Esury-Koenigs (lecturer-member, Developmental Psychology)

    I work at the Department of Developmental Psychology of the UvA and as a clinical practitioner in the field of child and youth care. The combination of my academic life and my work in the field as a clinical practitioner in child and youth care is great and enriching on both sides. As a clinical practitioner I am attached with a youth health care foundation nearby Amsterdam and I run my own practice. At the University I coordinate the internships, teach, coordinate a number of courses as well as supervising and coaching students while they research and write their Master’s theses and while they are at their work placements. In my research, my focus is on social emotional and cognitive development in vulnerable youth, specifically social cognitive development perspective-taking, attachment, anti- social behavior and MBID.

    My ambitions are to encourage students to become true scientist practitioners, comfortable as clinicians with an academic mind who continue to study questions that we encounter in the clinical practice thereby improving themselves as a clinician while improving the profession as a whole.

  • Luiza Yuan (student member)

    Hi, I’m Luiza and I’m currently in my second year studying Psychology at the UvA. I am planning on specialising in Clinical Developmental Psychology and Brain and Cognition.

    I joined the Programme Committee because I believe in actively participating in one’s education, so I wanted to work together with the faculty members to help improve the quality of the programme as well as represent students’ interests in matters that affect our learning process. Because I have studied in multiple different countries and school systems, I hope to bring a unique and international perspective to the conversation while working with the other committee members to contribute to our education together.

    Feel free to contact me or any of the other members if you have any concerns or ideas regarding the programme.

  • Allard Feddes (lecturer-member, Social Psychology)

    I am a lecturer and researcher in Social Psychology (assistant professor). My research generally focuses on how group membership influences how we feel (emotions), think (cognition) and act (behaviour). I teach in the Social Psychology Bachelor and Master programme and in the PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics) Bachelor programme. I supervise BA, MA, and PhD theses. Furthermore, I coordinate MA theses and MA internships at the Social Psychology department.

    Through the Programme Committee, I want to help maintain the high-quality standards of our teaching. I hereby take as a starting point that students and lecturers learn and work together. The Programme Committee can help provide the best circumstances to do so.

  • Daan Heijke (student member)

    Hi! I am Daan, I am a student, just like you and I currently follow the Brain and Cognition track. In my first year I became part of the focus group to aid in improving the quality of the programme by giving my opinion on the courses and exams.

    Two years ago, I was part of the board of the VSPA. Last year I joined the Programme Committee (PC) and this year I am again back at doing my part in improving the quality of the programme. If you want to help yourself and your fellow psychology students in any way, I would definitely advise to take part in the focus group, a committee at VSPA, the Programme Committee or becoming a student ambassador.

    If you have a point of critique, but don’t want to participate in one of the above, feel free to send it to us by our email :).

  • Henk Jan Conradi (lecturer-member, Clinical Psychology)

    I'm an assistant professor at the Clinical Psychology department. My research focuses on reducing relationship problems and strengthening partner relationships with the help of relationship improvement courses and relationship therapies. A strong partner relationship can serve as a source of resilience and a buffer against psychopathology in both partners and children.

    In the Bachelor programme, I'm a lecturer in the course Psychotherapy 1 and in the Master programme I coordinate and teach Psychotherapy 2. I also supervise bachelor projects and master theses. As a PC member, I want to dedicate myself to ensure that the given education is at university level.

  • Charlotte Mursch (student member)

    Hi! I am Charlotte, I am 20 years old and in my 3rd year of the Psychology Bachelor doing the Work and Organisational specialisation.

    I joined the Programme Committee because we are an international team this year and I want to both increase my knowledge about the Dutch education system but also help give an international perspective on what is better or could be improved compared to other countries.

    I started taking minors at the UvA in my 2nd year, giving me some perspective about the education of other faculties. I personally realised that there truly are some differences in the way problems are tackled between the faculties and believe that we can learn from one another. This is what motivated me to apply for a position in the Programme Committee. I am really looking forward to the rest of the year and the topics we will discuss.

Openbare vergaderingen

Studenten en docenten die geen lid zijn van de OC kunnen wel de vergaderingen bijwonen. Zij dienen daarvoor contact op te nemen met de Education Desk Psychology. 

  • 18 september 2020
  • 16 oktober 2020
  • 20 november 2020
  • 18 december 2020
  • 15 januari 2021
  • 19 februari 2021
  • 19 maart 2021
  • 16 april 2021
  • 21 mei 2021
  • 18 juni 2021



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