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Is Instagram really bugging you or is that a myth? How do scammers get your parents' phone number? And do you recognize a deepfake video? These kinds of questions are part of the Great Online Privacy Pub Quiz on Thursday 27 January, on the eve of International Privacy Day. For an hour we test your knowledge about your digital life. And since it is a pub quiz, pour yourself a nice mocktail or cocktail!

Event details of The Great Online Privacy Pub Quiz
Date 27 January 2022
Time 15:15 -16:30
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Join The Great Online Privacy Pub Quiz on Thursday afternoon, January 27! Artists Roos Groothuizen and Nastia Cistakova have designed a pub quiz especially for the UvA, with all kinds of questions about your digital life, social media, privacy and more. Do you know everything, or do you think you do, or do you know little about it but would you like to learn more in an entertaining way? Then sign up quickly!

How does it work?

Get a digital spot in our Online Cafe quickly by signing up using the form below. The pub quiz is played via Mentimeter, so that you can send the answers from home with your smartphone. And who knows: you might win the main prize!


3:15 – 3:30 PM: Come to the DigiCafe and see who else is participating
3:30 – 4:30 PM: Nastia Cistakova and Roos Groothuizen will host the quiz

Roos Groothuizen

Roos Groothuizen is a media artist who fights for digital human rights. In her own practice and within the art collective Telemagic, she researches the human side of invisible algorithms, information filters and unfair distribution. Who is ultimately in control of what we perceive? In order to make the invisible side of the internet more tangible, Roos almost always opts for a game form in her work. She previously developed 'The Black Box Bellagio', a casino where people do not play with money, but with their own personal data. Last year she launched 'I want to delete it all, but not now', an escape room about the power of the Big Tech... and from which you just cannot escape. The escape room was nominated for a ‘Gouden Kalf’ (Golden Calf, a Dutch film prize) in September.

Nastia Cistakova

Nastia Cistakova is an illustrator and artist who dips her social-critical work in a sauce of misery and nihilism. Her practice focuses on painting, drawing, animation, video art, performance and games. Previously, Nastia worked for among other things De Correspondent, De Volkskrant and Tivoli Vredenburg. She is currently working on a children's book about children fighting against junk.