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Study association: AIM PPLE

Study association

AIM PPLE organizes social events and trips, and consists of a number of committees. This young association that everyone can become part of is run by very enthusiastic board and committee members. Students can of course join committees themselves.

AIM Boat party 2015


  • Travel committee
  • Culture club
  • Sports committee
  • Party committee

In PPLE's first year AIM helped the committees organise a variety of cultural events, parties, travels and dinner get-togethers such as exhibition visits, barbecues, 'borrels', seminars, boat parties and formals, day trips and hitchhiking weekends - there was even a ski trip. AIM also organises the annual PPLE introduction weekend in September.

Contact details

AIM PPLE can be contacted at Like AIM's Facebook page to stay updated on everything that's happening at PPLE!