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Study Abroad - PPLE

You may attend a semester exchange in either the first semester of the third year or either semester in the fourth year.

In the first semester of year three, two elective courses are scheduled. This offers the possibility to take these elective courses abroad and spend a semester at a partner university. However, in all four majors there will also be three compulsory major courses (18 EC). In order to avoid a study delay, you will need to take the equivalent of these courses abroad, which can be difficult to arrange. It requires you to investigate those partner institutes that offer equivalent courses, however, our partners do not offer guarantees that these courses will indeed be available to you. Moreover, until you have been officially selected as an exchange student you are not supposed to contact the host institute directly.

In order to have the courses taken abroad recognised by PPLE, the courses must be approved by the Examinations Board in order to validate the credits. Once you have been accepted to an exchange programme, you may submit a request to the Examinations Board as soon as you are able to provide a course syllabus/manual.  Again, it can never be guaranteed that you will be able to take all three major courses while abroad. You may need to take major courses in the following year, which would cause a delay in graduation and the need to register as PPLE student for an extra semester in a fourth year.

You are advised to discuss your exchange plans with the exchange coordinator thoroughly and be aware that going on exchange requires quite a degree of flexibility from you as a student.

In case you decide to go abroad and studying an extra semester is no objection, PPLE recommends that you first complete the PPLE curriculum and then extend your registration for a semester abroad in a fourth year (including tuition payment). This way, there will be no hurdles in getting courses approved and you have extensive freedom of choice in where you are going and what you can study there.

In addition, you may also go abroad over the summer. Requirements vary by programme but you can attend a summer exchange programme from the end of your first year onwards.


Eligible for a semester abroad?

You are eligible for a semester exchange abroad if you:

  • do not have a credit deficit at the beginning of your exchange (i.e. 120 ECTS of PPLE courses upon departure if you want to go away during the first semester of your third year)
  • have a 7.0 GPA at the time of application

Please note - these requirements do not apply to summer exchange programmes. Please check the requirements of the individual programmes.


Contact Information

Carolyn Smith – PPLE Exchange Coordinator

Office Hours: Friday 10:00-13:00 – appointments can be booked online.


Further Information

More information about study abroad can be found on the PPLE Community Canvas page and on the UvA’s central study abroad website.

If you have already been selected for an exchange programme and have questions regarding process such as requesting course recognition from the PPLE Examinations Board or how and when to request graduation, be sure to check the PPLE Exchange Canvas page for information.