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Rules and regulations

  • Additional Exam Rules

    In addition to the Teaching and Examination Regulations, PPLE requires that students observe the following rules during examinations:

    • Arrive at the exam room in plenty of time before the exam begins. Students who arrive more than 30 minutes late will not be admitted.
    • You have to identify yourself using your certificate of registration (UvA-identification card) and a valid proof of identity (passport, ID card) with a good resembling . If you cannot identify yourself, access to the exam may be denied.  These should be displayed on your table during the examination.
    • By entering the examination room, you consent to following the instructions of the exam administrator.
    • During the first and last half hour of the exam, students are not allowed to use the bathroom as other students may be entering/leaving the examination room. Otherwise, you are allowed to use the bathroom only if this is approved by the invigilation supervisor.
    • Prior to the examination, all phones and electronic devices, including audio equipment, headphones, digital watches (e.g. I-watches), must be either placed in a bag on the floor beside your table or stored in a locker outside the examination room.  They must be switched off for the duration of the examination. 
    • Under no condition are students permitted to take any phone or electronic device to the bathroom during the examination. Anyone caught doing so, will be considered to be committing fraud.
    • During the exam, you may not use materials that your examiner has not previously approved.
    • Students who are involved in any form of fraud/cheating will be punished.
  • Faculty of Law regulations

    These regulations govern the organisation and management of the Amsterdam Law School, of which PPLE is a part of.