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Svedha Krishnaraj

from Winnipeg, Canada

17 when she started PPLE

PPLE student Svedha Krishnaraj

Why did you sign up for Intreeweek?

“As an international student arriving for the first time in the Netherlands, I must say that culture shock is definitely one of the first things I experienced. Everything was so new and foreign that even the purpose of your arrival itself become hazy. Intreeweek gave me the opportunity to explore and learn more about the city in which I am to live through the eyes of other students who had already experienced what I was going through.

More importantly, it gave the opportunity to meet the people I was to spend the next 3 years studying along with. Everyone is so excited about this new lifestyle they are about to adopt. Intreeweek is the perfect soft-landing for both locals and new-comers. If I were a freshman once more, I would do it all over again!”