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Doing an internship may be of interest to you, if you would like to add practical experience to your study programme. With an internship you can gain, apply and develop your skills and knowledge to help you prepare for your future career.

Within the PPLE programme, you have the option of replacing one 6 EC elective course with an internship. You will still have the option of taking 12 EC worth of electives, however if you prefer to add an internship to your programme, you can take a 6 EC elective course plus an internship and receive 6 credits for that.

You will be able to do an internship in year 3, block 2 or 3, or in the summer.  Should you choose to do an internship in another period, the courses in that block need to be taken in another academic year. You are required to find an internship position yourself and sumbit a request for approval to the Internship Coordinator.

Assessment and testing

  • Only 6 ECTS can be awarded for an internship;
  • An internship is assessed as either ‘requirements met’ (AVV) or ‘failed to meet the requirements’ (NAV).

More information and approval

Please refer to the Internship Course Manual below for more information. Should you have further questions after reading it or would you like to request approval for an internship, you can contact Internship Coordinator, Rik-Jan Brinkman.