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Examination re-sits

Re-sit opportunities exist primarily for two reasons:

  • For those students who failed the original exam; and
  • For those students who were not able to attend the original exam due to a medical issue.

For each course two examination opportunities are scheduled per academic year. The first examination opportunity is offered within the period in which the course is taught; the resit opportunity is offered in the same academic year. Besides these two exams, no additional exam opportunities are possible, unless it is the last exam before graduation.

Resit Registration

Students who fail the exam or do not attend are automatically registered for the resit.  Students who passed the exam, meaning that they received a grade of 5,5 or above, are also allowed to participate in the resit so long as it is in the same academic year as they took the course. If the student participates in the resit, then the grade received at the resit will be their exam grade, even if it is lower than the grade originally obtained.

In this case, students must contact the PPLE Education Desk no later than 1 month before the resit date and ask to be registered. The student must confirm that they are content that the last grade will stand. Once the Education Desk receives this confirmation, the student will be registered.

If a student subsequently changes their mind and wishes to be de-registered from the exam, they must inform the Education Desk no later than 3 weeks before the resit date.      

Extra exam opportunity

Students who have passed all but one course of the Bachelor’s examination can request one additional examination opportunity for the final course (not including the Bachelor’s thesis), provided that the following conditions have been met: a. the student has used the last examination opportunity offered and scored at least 4 for the course in question and b. the date of the additional examination should be at least two months before the date of the next subsequent regular examination for the course in question.

For 2020, the extra exam opportunity will be scheduled in the week of 17 August. Exact date and time to be announced.

The extra exam opportunity should be requested via the Examinations Board  no later than 10 July and can only be taken into consideration if the last result has been published in SIS.


Interim grades are published on Canvas, and final grades are published in the Student Information System (SIS) as soon as they have been received by the registrar. PPLE uses a 10-point grading system.

Exam rules

For additional exam rules, please see:

Online examinations

Upload time

For online examinations on CANVAS, students have a specified time period to complete the exam and an additional 10 minutes of ‘upload time’ to submit the exam to CANVAS. 

Students should stop working on the exam when the exam duration has passed.  The upload time is strictly for uploading the exam or emailing it to the examiner in case of technical difficulties.  Exams that are submitted past the submission deadline (either through Canvas or by email) are not graded.

Examinations Board Code of Conduct:

In completing an online exam, students are expected to comply with the following Code of Conduct set by the Examinations Board:

The work that you submit in this exam should be your own. By participating in this exam you agree that you will NOT:

  1. consult sources in any way or form, with the exception of sources that are explicitly allowed by the examiner.
  2. communicate with other students in any way or form.
  3. use the expertise or help of students or other individuals in any way or form.

Students who are involved in any form of fraud/cheating will be sanctioned.