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Examinations Board

The Examinations Board (EB) determines objectively whether a student satisfies the requirements laid down in the Teaching and Examination Regulations, including additional exam guidelines with regard to knowledge, understanding and skills required to obtain a PPLE degree, while ensuring the quality of examinations. In addition, the EB also reviews, amongst others, requests for exemptions and approval of  electives & extracurricular courses, exemptions from the Attendance ruling (or other), extensions (e.g. thesis, assignments), issues degree certificates (incl. (summa) cum laude), and handles situations of fraud and plagiarism. The EB also decides on requests relating to e.g. an extra-exam opportunity in final year of graduation, validity of results.

See the links below for more information on some of these topics:

You can contact the PPLE Examinations Board through the Digital Student Desk.

In your request, please mention:

  • your name and student number
  • name of the course and name of your tutor/supervisor
  • the request you wish to make
    (in case of extensions: the deadline extension(s) you wish to apply for plus the original deadline dates)
  • please motivate your request and explain your circumstances
  • attach supporting documents if available
  • describe which guidance or treatment your receive in coping with your circumstance
  • indicate whether you have discussed your request with your tutor/supervisor/lecturer involved and what their response was.

The Examinations Board will take your request into consideration. You will receive an automatic reply stating that you will receive a response within six weeks. However, on average, students receive a response within a week or two. This also depends on the nature of the request and circumstances and whether all information and supporting documents are provided for the Examinations Board to reach a decision.