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Elective and Extracurricular Courses

Elective and Extracurricular Courses

Electives form a part (12 ECTS) of the PPLE study programme in the third year. You can follow one elective in block 2 and one elective in block 3 of the first semester in the third year.

In previous years, electives were not included in the calculation of PPLE’s GPA. Following UvA policy and guidelines electives are included in the GPA calculation from 2020-2021 onward (extracurricular courses are excluded). Our GPA calculation is now consistent with all the other programmes within UvA. 

PPLE Study programme

The electives will enhance the individual character of your curriculum. It will be possible to enrol in courses that are related to your major and combine leadership, entrepreneurship and other professional skills. It is also possible to do courses that are required to be admitted to a specific Master’s programme or do a course abroad.

Elective requirements

  • You can only choose post-propaedeutic (2nd or 3rd year) courses taught at university level.
  • You are free to choose your topic, but we advise you to use the electives to better prepare for Master's programmes. Topics not related to PPLE require a brief motivation as to why you want to take the course.
  • The course is not to overlap with compulsory courses taken or to be taken at PPLE.
  • You can take a major course of a PPLE major you are not enrolled in.
  • The course has an assessment structure that includes a written assessment element. In other words: skills courses cannot be approved.

Your academic plan in SIS provides a list of electives that do not need prior approval. Electives not listed in your academic plan need the prior approval of the Examinations Board. For your own sake, please always request prior approval before taking any course that requires it. Check the entry requirements of the course and contact the department that offers the course if you have questions about the enrolment.

Extracurricular courses

If you plan to take an extra course (i.e. in addition to the regular 180 ECTS credit curriculum) and would like to have it listed as an extracurricular course on the supplement to your diploma, you will need to file a request with the Examinations Board. The rules that apply to requesting approval for the inclusion of 'normal' electives in your degree programme apply equally to extracurricular courses. 

Any surplus of electives will be listed as extracurricular on your diploma. However, if you have completed all courses of a minor, the full minor can be listed as electives in the PPLE-programme. To this end, all the separate courses of the minor should be selected in the elective approval in SIS. Therefore, if you replace your 12 ECTS on electives with a minor, the entire minor will be included in the GPA calculation.

How to request approval for electives

For a correct incorporation of the electives in your Academic Plan in SIS (and your diploma), your electives must be approved by the Examinations Board, even if you take a PPLE- or other UvA-course that has been approved before with fellow students. You do not need approval for PPLE electives as mentioned in SIS.

Note that there is a difference in the approval procedure between electives offered by the UvA or outside UvA.

Electives offered by the UvA

For approval of elective courses offered by one of the UvA faculties (including PPLE and AUC), you must submit a petition in SIS:

  • In SIS, click on 'My study details' and then 'My academic plan'.
  • In 'My academic plan' choose 'Elective courses’ and click on one of the 'dummy' courses  “Elective PPLE”  (3800DUM..KY), and then on 'Submit petition'. If the elective course you wish to take is listed, you do not need to submit a request. 
  • Choose petition type  ‘4. Replacement’ and click ‘Continue’.
  • In 'Replace with', click on the magnifying glass. A search screen will appear; fill in the UvA course catalogue number of the course you would like to take and click 'Search'. Then click on the correct search result. Clicking on 'Add course' will allow you to include more electives in one request.
  • Explain why you would like to take this course in the box labelled ‘Explanation student’.
  • Click 'Yes' to confirm.

You will be notified by email when a decision has been made on your request. The Board’s decision will also appear in SIS under ‘Petition Request Status’.

In case you are requesting an exception to the elective requirements (e.g. an elective that is not a post-propaedeutic course but that would enable you to apply a preferred Master, or replacing a major course with an (exchange) course), then contact the PPLE Examinations Board separately through the Digital Student Desk.

Electives offered outside the UvA

During COVID-19 it is best to ask the university at which you took the elective/extra-curricular course to send us a transcript digitally (in pdf-format) by e-mail directly to

Note that a digital transcript will not be accepted if sent via a student email account.

For approval of elective courses offered outside of the UvA (including VU), you must submit a petition in SIS:

  • In SIS, click on 'My study details' and then 'My academic plan'.
  • In 'My academic plan' choose 'Elective courses’. If the elective course you wish to take is listed, you do not need to submit a request.
  • click on one of the dummy-courses “Elective PPLE” (3800DUM..KY), and then on 'Submit petition'.
  • Choose petition type “5 External education” and click on “Continue”.
  • For “Original course description”, fill in the original Dutch course title, if applicable, or, for languages other than Dutch, the course title in the course language.
  • For “English translation” fill in the official English translation of the course title. This is what will appear on your diploma supplement.
  • Provide course information on the level of the course, showing that the course is post-propaedeutic and that the assessment structure included a written assessment element.
  • Indicate the amount of credits of the course (including ECTS).
  • Explain briefly how the course is related to your programme in the box “Explanation student”;
  • Submit a hardcopy certified list of marks to the Education desk PPLE (REC E, first floor) as soon as you have received course credits so that the results can be added to your study plan. Without such a document the credits cannot be administered. Alternatively, you can ask the external university to send the transcript digitally (in pdf-format) by e-mail to:

You will be notified by email when a decision has been made on your request. The Board’s decision will also appear in SIS under ‘Petition Request Status’.

Once permission is given you are expected to take and finish the course. 

In case of VU courses, often a so-called permission document to show the VU is required. Please request such document in the commentary box of your request.


If you have questions related to the planning of electives, you can send an email to the PPLE Study Advisers ( and also ask questions during office hours.

If you need assistance with the approval procedure, please visit the PPLE Education desk. 

You can contact the PPLE Examinations Board for specifc questions through the Digital Student Desk.