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Course registration

In order to take part in the PPLE programme, you must register for courses during the registration period. Only second-year and third-year courses are open for course registration through the ‘Planner’.

Course registration periods

Course registration at the UvA takes place twice a year. Make sure you complete your registration for courses during the registration period.

The registration periods for PPLE courses in Semester 2 of the 2020-2021 academic year are:

  Registration period opens Registration period closes

Semester 2, Block 4 

Tuesday, 1December 08:00

Tuesday, 15 December 13:00

Semester 2, Block 5 Tuesday, 9 February 13:00 Thursday, 18 February 13:00

All second and third year students are obliged to register for Block 2. Failing to do so may result in a study delay.

Registration for Integrative Seminars, Research Lab and Thesis is organised separately and you will be notified about this in due course.

Please read the below bullet points thoroughly to ensure a smooth registration procedure:

  • Please check the schedule on carefully. It is crucial that you select tutorial groups that do not clash with each other and lectures, as even in online form, students are expected to attend lectures.
  • If you are still unable to register for a specific group, it may mean it is full. Please try registering for another tutorial.
  • If all tutorial groups appear to be full, wait a little while. Groups refresh every few hours.
  • 4th year students and those retaking courses from previous years, should register themselves, and there is no need to email the Education Desk for manual registration unless you are experiencing issues or retaking a 1st year course.

Only students retaking year 1 courses should email the Education Desk with their chosen groups.


In order to swap a tutorial group with another student after the registration has closed, please follow the official procedure.  The deadline for Block 4 swaps is 18 January and it won’t be possible to process changes after this date.

Step-by-step course registration plan


Step 1: only applicable for semester 1 enrolment

Re-enrol for your PPLE programme in Studielink

After re-enrolling it may take up to 48 hours before you can register for your courses.

Step 2: Select your courses

You can only register for core courses and major courses in your year: second-year courses for second-year students and third-year courses for third-year students. Third-year students can also register for electives. See the registration rules.

Find the core courses and specific courses for your major on the majors page. Make a list of the courses that you can register for. Go to the Course Catalogue, find PPLE, select your courses and click on 'Register'.

Step 3: Add your courses to the Planner

Go to, find your courses and click on 'Add'.

Step 4: View your schedule (applicable when choosing tutorial groups during second round of registration: tbc)

Go to the 'Planner' tab and view your course timetable by clicking on 'View timetable'. The timetable is arranged in such a way that if you stick to the recommended curriculum order, the components (compulsory or otherwise) will not overlap. If you take courses in a different order or take optional/elective courses, make sure there is no overlap.

Step 5: Complete your course registration

Go to the 'Planner' tab, tick the desired tutorials for your courses, click on 'Register' and then on 'OK'.

Step 6: Check your course registration

Go to the 'Overview of Registrations' tab and check your course registrations.

Deregistering from courses

Deregister from courses on Go to the 'Overview of Registrations' tab, tick the course, click on 'Deregister' and then on 'OK'.

It is important to deregister from courses you do not plan to attend. This gives another fellow student the chance to register for the course.