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Civiel effect - PPLE

The Faculty of Law offers an abridged Bachelor’s programme to PPLE students who graduate with a Law major.

After completion of this Civiel Effect programme, students will obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Law and are admissible to Dutch LLM (Law Master's) programmes at the Amsterdam Law School:

  • Arbeidsrecht
  • Arbeidsrecht: Arbeid en onderneming
  • Fiscaal recht: Internationaal en Europees belastingrecht
  • Fiscaal recht: Nederlands belastingrecht
  • Privaatrecht: Commerciële rechtspraktijk
  • Privaatrecht: Privaatrechtelijke rechtspraktijk
  • Publiekrecht: Gezondheidsrecht
  • Publiekrecht: Staats- en bestuursrecht
  • Publiekrecht: Strafrecht

Upon completion of the Civiel Effect programme as well as one of the Dutch-taught Master's programmes of the Amsterdam Law School, graduates will fulfil the requirements for Civiel Effect.

As the Civiel Effect programme is taught in Dutch, the webpage with specific information and admission requirements is also in Dutch.

English-taught Law Masters without Civiel Effect

PPLE graduates with a major in Law are admissible to a number of English-taught Master's programmes at the Amsterdam Law School without Civiel Effect. PPLE students can apply directly to the programmes in:

Please note that no Dutch civiel effect can be granted to graduate degrees from LLM programmes without completion of the Civiel Effect programme and a Master's in Dutch law.

Selective LLM programmes

The Amsterdam Law School also offers selective LLM programmes in

PPLE students with a major in law are welcome to participate in the selection process for these programmes.