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Programme Committee


Programme Committee

The Programme Committee monitors the quality of teaching at PPLE and consists of students and teaching staff.

The PPLE Programme Committee (PC) meets on regular basis to discuss evaluations of courses, feedback from students and the staff, proposals for new policies and amendments to the Teaching and Examination Regulations with a goal of increasing quality of the teaching programme. The Committee is comprised of four lecturers and four students, each representing their respective major.


What to discuss with the Programme Committee

Duties and responsibilities of the Programme Committee include:

  • Advising the Dean and Programme Manager about the Teaching and Examination Regulations, and their implementation. 
  • Advising the Dean and Programme Manager on maintaining and improving quality.
  • Issuing advice, either solicited or unsolicited, on all aspects of teaching.


If you have questions about one of the issues above, or would like to see changes in these areas, we encourage you to get in touch with the members of the Programme Committee. For general inquiries or comments, please contact the Programme Committee secretary.