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Binding study advice (BSA)

The Binding Study Advice (BSA) is part of a series of measures that increase your chances of successfully completing a programme on time. PPLE uses the BSA to specify the extent to which you – after the first year of study – have the abilities to successfully complete the programme.

  • Conditions

    In order to receive a positive BSA, you must have obtained at least 54 EC (out of the 60 EC possible) of first-year courses by the end of the first year of study. A positive BSA means you can continue your studies at PPLE. A BSA is applicable in all Bachelor’s programmes in the Netherlands.

    If you are unable to obtain 54 EC and there are no personal circumstances applicable to you, you will be issued a negative BSA and will not be permitted to continue your studies at PPLE.

  • Notifications of progress and support

    In order to obtain the standard minimum, you will be given the necessary support. You will receive at minimum three notices a year regarding your progress:

    • 1st before the end of November
    • 2nd before the end of January
    • 3rd before the end of July

    Every student is also assigned a mentor. The mentor's primary task is to discuss your study progress and choices. You will have 4 opportunities to meet with your mentor throughout the year.

    • Meeting 1 - September (Individual)
    • Meeting 2 - November (Individual)
    • Meeting 3 - February (Group)
    • Meeting 4 - May (Individual)

    In addition, the Study advisers can help you with study-related problems. Should you experience problems due to personal circumstances, it is important that you inform a  Study adviser immediately, even if you are not sure what the consequences might be for your academic performance. Questions about individual course content can be directed to the relevant tutor and course coordinator.

    Studying successfully

    If you need/would like some extra information or knowledge to improve your study habits, check out our Studying Successfully page.

    Career Centre

    For advice on the possibilities of pursuing another degree programme, you can contact one of the career advisers at UvA’s Careers Centre.

  • Personal circumstances

    Students who expect delays in their study progress and are unable to achieve a positive BSA due to personal circumstances should notify the Study advisers as soon as possible, and no later than two months after the circumstance has arisen or has become known. Personal circumstances related to the Binding Study Advice include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Illness
    • Disability
    • Special family circumstances
    • Pregnancy
    • Board work
    • Top-class athlete
  • Information regarding the binding study advice academic year 2019-2020

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, certain decisions have been made regarding the binding study advice (BSA). Here you can find information about how these decisions affect you as a student at PPLE.

    No negative BSA in 2019-2020
    PPLE will not issue any negative binding study advice (BSA) for the current academic year against first-year students. You will receive a deferred BSA instead, which gives you the opportunity to complete the required number of credits for the BSA by the end of the next academic year (2020-2021). If you, as a first-year student, pass enough first-year courses (54 credits or more), you will of course still receive a positive BSA.

    Suspended negative BSA (2018-2019)
    If you received a suspended negative BSA for your binding study advice from the PPLE BSA Committee in 2018-2019, this decision affects you as well. To get a positive BSA, you will now have until the end of the next academic year (2020-2021) to obtain all 60 EC of your first year courses. However, it is strongly encouraged that you still try to obtain your positive BSA this year to avoid (additional) study delay. Any diverging from this plan should be discussed with a study adviser.

    Try to obtain a positive BSA!
    It is important that you continue with your studies, in order to try to secure a positive BSA this year. This way you also ensure that you have enough time next year to complete any remaining second-year courses and avoid a study delay. The study advisers will be happy to help you with your planning.

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