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Attendance policy

It is very important that you actively attend tutorial sessions. To this end PPLE has a strict attendance code.

Small scale and intensive

PPLE is a small scale and intensive Bachelor’s programme wherein attendance and active participation in classes are necessary to earn all necessary credits.

Attendance regulation policy

You may be absent for 2 tutorial meetings per 6 EC, 8 week course, in which 2 tutorial meetings per week are scheduled (1 absence is allowed in case of a one tutorial a week). Missing more than two tutorial meetings will result in loss of credit for the module. If you are late 3 x as indicated by tutorial-specific rules, this will count as one absence. Removal from a course can occur through intentional or unintentional absence/missed class portion including;

a) 3 classes missed
b) 2 classes plus 3 x late (or removal)
c) 1 class plus 6 x late (or removal)
d) 9 x late (or removal)

Your responsibility

  • The tutor will note your attendance but you are responsible yourself for keeping track of your attendance and making sure you do not miss too many tutorials; you are responsible for checking your incoming emails on a regular basis.
  • You yourself are responsible for contacting the Examinations Board to appeal any potential exclusion within 7 days of your 3rd absence at the latest.

Reporting by tutors

Tutors are expected to report absences regardless the reasons. You will receive an e-mail and have the opportunity to explain the reason for missing each tutorial (not only the third).  Under no circumstances can a tutor or lecturer allow you to be absent from a tutorial, this can and will only be ruled as valid by the Examinations Board. In exceptional circumstances, the Examinations Board may permit an exemption from the attendance ruling, at your request. This means that you must take the initiative to write a request to the Examinations Board. 

While the Examinations Board is considering the case, you may continue to attend the course. Only when a negative decision has been given should you stop attending. The Examinations Board will then look at the case. If no proof for all missed tutorials can be submitted, you will be excluded from the course. The exclusion also applies to participation in the course exam / resit.

You will be able to retake the course you are excluded from again in the next academic year. Exclusion from a first-year course (6EC) means you should receive credits for all other courses, in order to meet the BSA requirements (54).

Late policy in detail

The class will officially begin as stated on the course schedule and once the door is closed by the tutor.  It is up to the individual tutor to state the window possible for entering late and communicating this clearly to students. If you enter the class within the window of time, you will be marked as late, if you come in after this window, you will be considered absent. If you are late 3 times, each time will be considered 1 missed class portion and together will count as 1 absence.