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The Talent Development Programme (TDP) is part of PPLE. We provide intensive, extra-curricular opportunities to train students’ problem-solving and leadership skills in addressing real world issues. Our purpose is to offer students a way of broadening their horizons beyond the confines of their classrooms through our Events, Workshops & Internships.

We are currently looking for:

  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Representative
  • Well-Being Events Planning Team Members
  • Career Related Events Planning Team Members
  • Community Events Planning Team Members

In your application, please include the following information:

  • What positions you are most interested in
  • A paragraph or two detailing why you want to join TDP
  • An idea you have for a potential TDP event this year 

Please send all applications to by September 19th at 23:59. After the deadline has passed, we will send out additional information concerning interviews to be held.

If you would like to learn more about TDP or talk to current members, we will be holding walk-in information sessions in the TDP room (room 6.08 in the PPLE building) September 16th-19th from 17:00-19:00 each day. We would love to see you and have a chat!

We look forward to seeing all of you again and hopefully working with you this upcoming year! If you have any questions, you can reach us at and make sure to follow us on social media in the meantime. Thanks, and we wish you good luck with the start of your classes! 

TDP Position Descriptions

Treasurer: The treasurer’s task is to be the contact person between PPLE

management and the TDP team, keeping financial records and approving

allocation of funds with PPLE management.

Public Relations: The co-PR role is to assist with flyers, the PPLE newsletter,

advertising on PPLE TV, social media and the PPLE website. This is done for PPLE

recruiting, events, internships and other opportunities that the board may find

useful. In so doing, they will ensure that advertising is consistent for events, while

allowing for individual marketing appeals for each event.

Career Related Events Planning: The career events planning team is in charge

of organizing 2 career related events per semester. This will include the annual

Career Fair in Spring Semester. In addition, the CREP team will work with PPLE

staff for the purpose of advertising internships to PPLE students.

Well-Being Events Planning: The WEP team is tasked with organizing 2 events

per semester focused around student well-being. This is to include the Consent

and Boundaries Workshop to be held during the first week of every school year

for first year students. In addition, the WEP team is in charge of running alumni


Community Events Planning: The CEP duo is tasked with organizing 2 events per

year semester focused on student growth with the surrounding community. Such

events can be with local film festivals, city events, etc. In addition, the CEP team

will work with PPLE staff in helping to organize student graduation.

Requirements for all positions: All TDP members are expected to attend the

general meetings (held two times per month) and also to dedicate 2 hours of

time per week to working on TDP tasks in the TDP room in the PPLE building.