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In this symposium we want to discuss the responsibilities that come with the issue of climate change with company representatives, banks and investors, supervisors, lawyers and NGOs and with interested students.

climate change

Many companies are aware of the need to reduce their emissions, to bring more sustainable products and services to the market, to take into account the carbon footprint of suppliers and to be open about measures taken. However, most companies do not yet come close to what is required to keep temperature rises under control. That is why we need to think about:

  • what companies must do legally and morally;
  • how they can be motivated to do more, quicker;
  • what obstacles must be overcome to achieve the desired goals.

The financial and political sectors play a vital role in the transition to more responsible business operations. What is already being done and how can we increase our efforts?

Confirmed Speakers

Bas Eickhout, Dutch member European Parliament, delegation leader of GroenLinks*

Elfrieke van Galen, partner TheRockGroup, supervisory board member multiple companies, Amsterdam

Peter Ras, senior policy advisor Oxfam Novib

Jaap Spier, honorary professor Global Challenges, University of Amsterdam

Kees Vendrik, Chief Economist Triodos Bank

* possibly via video