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Internships (extra-curricular)

Internships (extra-curricular)

Given that it has become more important for students to do an internship and also since it is increasingly in one’s own interest to graduate without delay (and given that the degree programme is also called to account on this matter) the following basic principles will be applied. NB: The following does not apply to internships that are offered within the framework of the regular programme and for which credits can be obtained.

For CSS students who want to do an extra-curricular internship the basic principle is that the internship will always take place after the completion of the degree programme. Postponing graduation in order to be able to do an internship will not be supported by the CSS and is also discouraged regarding the structure of one’s cv. However, since there are internship providers that require one to be enrolled as a student, an exception will be made by the CSS to allow students to stay enrolled after the completion of their study. This exception applies only to students who complete the programme within four years after they have started the programme. In this case the option will be provided by way of exception to formally complete the study on 30 th September (in the new academic year) instead of on 31 st August (within the academic year). The formal postponement of the graduation will not affect the programme’s deadlines for handing in the thesis or the date set for the final assessment meeting. This is only an administrative postponement, which enables the student to stay enrolled for the entire duration of the new academic year (but: only as long as the UvA enrolment policy and/or the legislator continues to allow this.) In this case tuition fees are due as long as the student enrolment is continued.

If one graduates nominally and makes use of the above mentioned regulation, then the CSS is prepared to issue a declaration - should this be required by the organisation providing the internship - and thus consider the internship as following on from the completed programme. In other cases the CSS will, in principle, not issue a declaration.

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