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Programme Committee - Political Science

Programme Committee - Political Science

Programme Committee Political Science (BSC and MSc) and Conflict Resolution and Governance (CRG)

The 2019 – 2020 Programme Committee for the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Political Science and CRG consists of three lecturers and six students.

The Programme Committee's tasks are as follows:

  • issuing recommendations to the dean on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER), the document describing the degree programme's obligations to and expectations of its students;
  • annually assessing the manner in which the Teaching and Examination Regulations are implemented;
  • issuing solicited and unsolicited advice to the Directors of the College and Graduate School of Social Sciences, the programme directors and the dean on all educational aspects of the relevant degree programme.

The quality of the programmes will be discussed during the Programme Committee's (PC) meetings. Amongst other aspects, the composition of the degree programmes, internationalization, the level of the courses, the assessment methods used and online lectures will be discussed at these meetings. Practical problems, concerning timetabling, audio-visual facilities, the availability of literature, etc., are also addressed at the PC meetings. These meetings also serve to discuss the results of the teaching evaluations. The Programme Committee may issue solicited and unsolicited advice on all these issues.

The PC members for 2019 – 2020 are:

Lecture members:

  • Dr Armèn Hakhverdian (chair);
  • Dr Connie Roggebrand;
  • Dhr Alexandru Voicu.

Bachelor's student members:

  • Maria Graziella Brevi
  • Camilla Elizabeth Russo
  • Floor Temmink

    Contact details:

Master and CRG student members:

Scholarships for student representatives - Bestuursbeurzen

CSW/GSSS students that are members of a Programme Committee (Opleidingscommissie) or another official student representative body, such as the Facultaire Studentenraad can apply for a so-called Bestuursbeurs (scholarship for student representatives, please apply at the beginning of your term). Please read the eligibility criteria and the instructions on how to apply for financial compensation below.

More information about a 'bestuursbeurs'.


Secretary: Marijn Schaaf

Contact details:

Programme Committee Political Science and CRG
Post box 15725
1001 NE Amsterdam