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Internship - Political Science

Internship - Political Science

BSc in Political Science

Students seeking to do an internship may do so as a part of their optional subjects.

An internship can significantly improve your chances of finding a good job after graduation, as it is an opportunity to gain useful work experience during your studies and put your academic knowledge to practical use.

The credits obtained through internships are subject to preconditions. For more information, see the Internship manual 2019-2020.

The link below will take you to the UvA's Careers website: UvA Job Board. This site features all work placements offered by businesses and organisations. Visitors can navigate to the work placements intended for students at the Social Sciences programme, or view other available work placements.

Please note: you will not automatically be awarded credits for all internships. Make sure to consult with your internship coordinator before starting on the internship in order to find out whether or not you will be eligible for credits (see the internship handbook).

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