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BSc in Political Science

The Political Science Programme Secretariat will automatically apply for your degree certificate as soon as you meet the Bachelor's programme requirements. If you do not want to apply for your degree certificate yet, please contact the secretariat as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to See below for all the information you need on the graduation procedure.

Step 1: Fill out the graduation form

Fill out this form to provide the Programme Administration with all the information it needs to process your degree certificate application as quickly and accurately as possible.

Step 2: Don't want to graduate yet?

Your degree certificate application will be submitted automatically by the Political Science secretariat. If you do not want to apply for your degree certificate yet, please contact the secretariat as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to

Step 3: When will you receive your degree certificate?

Students generally receive their degree certificate at the next degree ceremony. However, you can also choose to collect your certificate from the Programme Secretariat. You will receive an e-mail from the secretariat as soon as your degree certificate is ready.

Step 4: What else do I need to do and know?

  • See the 'Terminating enrolment' page for more information on the necessary steps (such as returning your student ID card).
  • If your study results have not yet been fully processed in SIS by the end of the academic year or you do not know whether your examination date will take place within the current academic year (31 August at the latest), make sure to re-enrol in the Political Science Bachelor's programme via Studielink before 1 September. If you fail to do so, no new marks can be entered and your degree certificate will not be created. Enrolment is only possible as of 1 September or 1 February (your enrolment must have been entirely completed before these dates). You may not enrol in the interim. If you do not enrol on time, you run the risk of graduating with a six-month delay.
  • Once you have met the obligations for your degree programme and your final results have been processed in SIS, the secretariat will further process your degree certificate application. You will then receive an e-mail from the SIS system to inform you that you can terminate your enrolment. You can terminate your enrolment in the Political Science Bachelor's programme via Studielink in order to stop your tuition fee payments. However, you do not have to terminate your enrolment between 1 June and 31 August; your enrolment will automatically be terminated effective 31 August and no tuition fees will be reimbursed over this period.
  • If you have completed a minor programme at another institution, you will have to submit an official copy (signed and stamped) of the certificate and/or a list of marks to the Programme Secretariat. You can request a copy from the secretariat of the degree programme offering the minor programme. Make sure to do so in good time, as it can take a while to prepare a certificate. These documents must be submitted to the Education Desk Social Sciences, REC B7.00, attention of the Political Science Examinations Board. The documents may also be submitted in digital format via
  • If you have completed a minor programme at another institution, make sure to request the minor certificate from the relevant secretariat. In the case of minors within Social Sciences, you can apply for a certificate via
  • If you will be following up your Bachelor's programme with one of the Master's programmes offered by the Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS), make sure to enrol for the Master's programme yourself via Studielink and to register with the GSSS. For the entire enrolment procedure, enrolment deadlines and admission requirements, see the GSSS website.
  • In some cases, you will need proof that you have met all requirements for the Bachelor's programme in order to enrol in a Master's programme at another university (due to the fact that the actual degree certificate will not be available until October). In such case, you can request a Bachelor's statement from the Programme Secretariat, on the precondition that you have filled out the graduation form.
  • Please contact the Programme Secretariat ( if you have any further questions.

Step 5: What is my graduation date?

Your graduation date is the last day of the month in which you completed your last course. This is the date upon which you took your final exam or submitted your paper/thesis, not the date upon which your marks were registered.

Step 6: Degree ceremony

Bachelor's degree certificates are presented once a year over the course of a festive ceremony. The upcoming graduation ceremony date will be announced.

Graduation ceremony

You can indicate whether you wish to take part in the ceremony on your graduation form. Please keep in mind that the degree programme will want to know whether you will be attending one month in advance. You will receive further information about the ceremony two weeks before the event. If you have any questions, please contact the Programme Secretariat via