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This message is intended for students who did not (properly) in time applied for courses during the course application period from 13 june 2019 to 25 june 2019.

On the post placement day you can only sign up for courses where there is still room. No extra tutorgroups will be set up. Go to the AZ for more information about the post placements. First come, first served. It is your own responsibility to register (also on the post placement day) for the courses you have access to. So pay attention - in advance - to possible entrance requirements.

Wednesday 28 august REC B 7.00:

Sociology: 10.00 -11.00h

Cultural Anthropology: 11.00h-12.00h

Thursday 29 august REC B 7.00:

General Social Science: 9.30h – 10.30h.

Political Sciences: 10.00h - 12.00h

It is no longer possible to register for a course after the post placement day. Registration during the post placement day is only possible if you come in person. It is not possible to register by e-mail or telephone.

Human Geography and Urban Planning: digital.

The bachelor's programme in Human Geography and Urban Planning offers a digital post-placement morning on Thursday 29 August 2019 from 11.00 - 13.00 hours. Subjects (tutor groups) for which there are still places available will at that moment be opened for registration in SIS. No additional tutor groups will be created.

For students who wish to discuss the subjects to be followed in advance, the study advisor for Human Geography and Planning has a walk-in consultation hour that morning from 10.00 - 11.00 hours.

Students can register for this at the Education Desk B700.