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Study Plan Application (SPA)

Study Plan approval

The study plan shows your personalized Physics and Astronomy programme and must be approved by both trackcoordinator and the examinations board to be able to graduate from the programme. The Study plan has to be approved by the examination board at least 6 months before the application deadline of the MSc diploma. Before that it has to be approved by the trackcoordinator.

At the start of the programme

When starting your master's programme in Physics and Astronomy, your trackcoordinator will meet with you to discuss your expectations of the programme and future plans. Based on this meeting, you will be asked to draft a proposal of the courses you would like to do during your programme. The proposed list of courses is known as a Study Plan.

Study plan application

The study plan is kept in a digital environment, called the SPA (Study Plan Application). It can be reached via datanose (after logging in, go to your student details, and press the progress link in the top bar). Alternatively, you can also enter the application directly via

Approval by Trackcoordinator

During your programme, it is likely that you may wish to change your study plan by adding or switching courses. Once you have decided on a new selection, make sure to submit your plan for approval by the trackcoordinator. The coordinator can help you find the best selection of courses that best fit your further plans. Please feel free to request feedback on your plans as often as you wish.

Before requesting your diploma

The study plan must be approved by the trackcoordinator and the examinations board at least 6 months prior to graduation. After approval by the track coordinator, you must request approval by the examinations board yourself. The process is equal to that of requesting appoval by the trackcoordinator.