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Physics and Astronomy

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13 February 2020
Between 17 February and 21 February all broken and abandoned bicycles in the bicycle shed in front of Science Park 904 Building A wil be tagged to be removed after 13 March. Usually, there is a bicycle clean-up every ...
4 February 2020
Recently, we’ve had reports of multiple locker break-ins. Unfortunately, it proved possible to forcibly open the lock with a screwdriver or other sharp object.
23 January 2020
In the last two weeks there have been several reported incidents where personal belongings were stolen from lockers in the central hall. Thieves peek over the shoulders of locker users (possibly from a distance) to ...
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Update 28-02-2020: Consequences of coronavirus for UvA students and staff
26 Feb 2020
The UvA is following developments around the Coronavirus closely. See for updates.