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Conflict Resolution and Governance - Political Science

Manual for Writing a Thesis

The thesis is not just a long paper. It is an academic project, and often it turns out to be a personal project as well. In addition to academic skills it will take self-discipline and good planning to complete your thesis in a satisfactory way. Below you find all relevant information for writing your thesis and organising your graduation.

POL - Thesis Manual 2019-2020 CRG- Thesis Manual 2019-2020

Thesis archive

GSSS theses are archived digitally in UvA DARE, the digital archive of the University Library. The Library holds a paper archive of theses written before 2008.

Please note that the grades the theses were assessed with (or the nature of the mark, say 'high' or 'low') will not be revealed due to privacy reasons. We assume that students are able to assess the quality of a paper themselves. All available theses received a passing grade.

Here are some examples of excellent theses: 

Who is ready to bleed for the United States? : European support for US-led missions after the Cold War (IB)

The political economy of refugees and conflict : the causal and conditional economic effects of refugees on their host country (IR)

Transition without transformation : how Milošević-era legacies are obstructing Serbia’s compliance with EU conditionality (EUGO)

Russia : friend, foe or family? : an analysis of Israel’s relation with Russia since 1991