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All UvA campuses and buildings are smoke-free. As of 1 August 2020 Dutch educational institutions are obliged to keep their premises smoke-free. This applies to everyone who is using the buildings and grounds: staff, students, visitors, contractors and suppliers.

The UvA aims to provide staff and students with a healthy and smoke-free learning and working environment. The policy supports people who want to quit smoking and prevent young people from taking up smoking. All ashtrays and ashtray tiles are removed and signs are placed reading ‘This area is smoke-free’.

If you do smoke a cigarette outside of the UvA campuses, please respect our neighboring residents and businesses.

Quitting smoking

If you want to quit smoking and are looking for help, go to or contact you GP or the General Practitioners Practice UvA. Help with quitting smoking is covered by your basic insurance. As of 1 January 2020, health insurers will no longer be allowed to charge an excess for this, so any help you receive will be free.