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Master courses Biomedical Information Systems (course 9), Advanced Medical Image Processing (course 10) and Special Topics in Data Science and Medicine  (course 11)  are elective courses.

This means that you have two possibilities:

1. To follow course 9 (6 EC), 10 (6 EC) and 11 (6 EC).

2. To follow one, two or three courses of another master's programme (of any university). Other courses must be beneficial to the Medical Informatics Program Objectives. All courses related to Computer science, Medicine and Health Care are allowed. Other examples are Ethics, Science communication, management and policy. Course 9, 10 and 11  can be part of this possibility. The total study load must be at least 18 EC.

If you choose the first possibility, you only have to register for course 9, 10 and 11 using the course catalogue. For these courses the registration period is in june and july of 2020. If you choose the second possibility, you must obtain approval from the Examinations Board. Describe in a proposal in detail which courses you want to follow and why.

We have compiled a list of suitable courses, based on the information provided in the study guide.

Your are not limited to this list; these courses are merely suggestions. For courses on the list you do not need to specify why you want to follow the course.

Some courses may have been revised or discontinued after compilation of the list; always refer to the latest study guide. Be advised that some courses have entry requirements and/or require additional approval of the faculty in question.

Submit your proposal to Jan Hendrik Leopold

Do this well before the start of the intended course, taking into account a long response time in July-August.